Unpacking Misogynoir

Why you shouldn’t waste your time and energy debating and educating Black men on misogynoir

I’ve been at my social media “activism” for a few years now and I went from trying to educate everybody to recognizing when someone really has no desire to learn and act. You will drain yourself and waste all of your precious energy and time if you want to debate and educate Black men.

The only Black men I educate are those who I sense are sincere and more times than not they come to me with questions about misogynoir AFTER they have researched.

Here is what I’ve learned:


There are only a few reasons men would hang in women empowerment/feminist/womanist spaces:

To learn from women
To understand them better
To stand in solidarity


To take up space
Dominate them
To prey on them
To monetize them
To pimp them
To exploit them

The ones here to stand with women are not perfect, but they value and respect the space enough to leave their feelings and egos at the door.

They know how to ask questions about something without interrogating women.



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