Ebook Publishing Consulting– Need someone to assist with information on how you can self-publish your own book and put it on Amazon Kindle? Need help with coming up with the best and most profitable ideas for your book? I can assist you with ideas, content planning, marketing, connect you to editors and more. $55 per hour via phone consultation

Social Media Marketing consulting– Need help learning how you can brand yourself on social media,? Ideas on how to attract customers or fans?  Or how to use FB ads to get yourself out there? $65 per hour via phone consultation


Need your resume rewritten? Check out resumerevamped.com for tips and testimonials on my service


Blog set up

Need to set up a simple website and you are not a techie person? For $99 I can set up your 5 page  Wordpress self-hosted website. With WordPress you can use free or premium themes that can be customized to fit your needs.


Intuitive Relationship advice/Dating screening: I am an expert in reading people for their filth and paying attention to details.I’ve been through several verbally abusive relationships that I can now say are behind me, and I have healed and moved on and know what it means to have a healthy relationship.I’ve done the healing work and I’ve opened my eyes to male domination and I can assist any woman who needs to confirm what she may already know.

Do you need someone to provide you with a screening of a dating or FB profile? Or do you need someone to assess your situation from the outside using logic and divine feminine intuition?

For $55 I will spend an hour on the phone with you and tell you what I sense and know to be true about your relationship, and provide you with solutions on dating and loving yourself. I am not a doctor or counselor so if you are dealing with mental illness, so if you are feeling suicidal or depressed I am not able to help you. Please contact a mental health provider or medical doctor.


Payments are non-refundable and will be invoiced. Please email me at cre@mammynomore.com to inquire about these services.




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