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On Nia Green: Toxic Black Motherhood, Abuse, and Misogynoir

Recently a video of a Black girl being severely beating by her mother was being circulated across social media. Nia Green was being beaten because she had slept with a boy in her mother’s house. So during the beating she was being called a thot and being really disrespected. Now I understand a mother’s frustration, but we as Black people have a problem with abusing our kids like slaves and then there is misogynoir…

The slut shaming culture and robbing our Black girls of a childhood by calling them “fast ass girls” and painting them as little Jezebels made this beating possible. As if the beating wasn’t enough, the responses to the beating really grinded my gears. People were justifying it. Allegedly Nia Green made a post saying she loves her mama and she is shouldn’t have embarassed her mama and people actually thought that it was enough. #1 for all I know Nia’s mother could have made that post  #2 even if the post is real and coming from her she is an abuse victim. This is exactly how victims behave because of the shame. This is exactly how thousand of women stand in the courtroom and side with their abuser. It is common. This is what makes it abuse. No person in their right mind would defend someone abusing them.

The fact that I saw mostly Black men using the Black girl’s pain as a way to get likes and shares to their fan pages sickened me even more.


I posted this to my status on my personal profile on July 25:

Videos of Black boys getting beat by dad or uncle:
” We need more fathers like that!!”

Video of Black boy getting beat by mom:
“See this is why these men don’t know how to love women now!! It’s these single mothers ruining them and emasculating them!!! I don’t care what that boy did he doesn’t deserve that!!!”

Video of Black girl getting beaten by mother, father, or uncle :

Y’all motherfuckers LOVE to see Black girls and women beaten. It’s pain porn that you love!!

You wonder why so many Black girls are trying to run away and end up sleeping around in the most immature way and it’s because they are looking for love that they can’t even get from their own damn mothers and Black people ALWAYS finding ways to justify why a Black girl or woman deserved violence!!

Fuck y’all.


Nia Green Abuse


Yeah I ended it with a fuck y’all because I am fucking tired of people looking for ways to justify Black girls and women being beaten or abused. What opened my eyes was to how prevalent it was was seeing how people defended Ray Rice, and then later reading the full court reports from R. Kelly scandals and ever since then I can’t close my eyes. This shit is everywhere. I even wrote a blog post on how we love Black male mediocrity…I called it a Come to Black Jesus moment… and a post on how we fail Black girls and women and how the Holtzclaw case was an example of our lack of protection.

Well anywho, below you’ll find the replays to the Facebook Live videos I did on this issue…it was really good. There were many Black women sharing their experiences with their mothers and we were there for each other.  The comment section was booming and I wish you caught it while I was live.

These videos are for Black women who want to keep it real and discuss their toxic mothers… This isn’t a Black single mother shaming thing…this is us keeping it real about misogynoir and the hate some Black women have for their daughters…

If you can relate to this type of abuse I am sorry you ever had to go through it and my heart goes out too you.


DISCLAIMER: Video contains expletives. If you are offended by curse words don’t watch.


Part 1


Part 2


Let me know if any of this resonate with you and drop me a comment!

Is this Toxic Black motherhood familiar for you?

Let me know in the comments please!


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