Voices of Black Women

My Vision for Black women

Many people have not came across Black women who are “radical” and just brutally honest about the way things are for Black women.


In this video I just want to make things clear with what my vision is for Black women.


What is your vision?




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  1. E

    Thank you for sharing your vision. You are inspiring and I wish you the absolute best in your pursuits. I love that you talked about investing in ourselves and using our pain to fuel change. I love you and your mission.

  2. Kirby Obsidian

    You are a deep thinker and a powerful communicator. Your perspective gives me a lot to think about. I am a Black man who has mostly been in relationships with non-Black women. I won’t even try to break down all the reasons for this; I don’t fully understand it myself. I can at least say that so many of my relations with Black women have been tainted by expectations and prejudices we’ve projected onto each other.
    I appreciate your voice and your attempt to shed light on the legacy of Black women sacrificing for others, yet being so often held down and held back by Black men. And I agree that there is a ridiculous defensiveness that erupts from Black men, out of all proportion, any time a Black woman chooses to honestly air her pains and concerns in any way that points a finger at Black men.
    Keep on preaching and writing, Sister!

    1. CreWisdom

      Thank you for understanding and not coming here to tell me “not all” and “you must be bitter” like the tons of comments I’ve had to delete LOL You owned your shit and gave me honesty that you and Black women projected prejudices and expectations on each other so it tells me that you are trying to unpack and become self aware.

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