Moving Backwards to Move Forward

Many of you have noticed that I fell off from blogging and even posting my own thoughts to my fan page a long time ago. You’ve seen me express the negativity and stress that I have attracted by my content. You’ve probably heard me speak on the exhaustion of writing on the topics I had and how anything positive or progressive that was shared would be rejected or ignored. You’ve probably wondered if I would ever blog full time and continue to be vocal.

Well I am here to set the record straight and tell you my plans. I originally started Mammy No More as a way to encourage Black women to focus more on ourselves than Black men. I’ve used my page to uplift Black women and stand up for the most marginilized ¬†Black women. I’ve went to places no one else has been and I stayed committed to trying to help Black women see the light and love themselves. I started realizing that a lot of Black women were using me as their source of pain porn ¬†and entertainment to point the finger at Black men. I understood that a lot needed to be unpacked because so much of our identity is tied to how Black men view us and treat us, but I didn’t realize that some women would want to stay stuck there. That exhausted me. It made me feel bad. I started posting less and less about Black men and tried posting more positive things and talking about healing and it was ignored or rejected. Not only that, talking about some of these topics were draining and triggering for me. I also grew tired of the people who have been hawking me and paraphrasing my content as if it is their own ideas and stealing from me.

Prior to my decision to fall back, I had been posting more on the fan page rather than the blog. I had been paying attention to how many people got their pages shut down and how they lost all their content. I even took in consideration Bougie Black Girl’s and Luvvie Ajaya’s advice about owning your own content. I was acting in ignorance. I knew I needed to be posting more on the blog, but I felt more comfortable speaking on my fan page. Especially seeing the likes and shares. I had been using this page to heal and I got a high off of inspiring Black women.

I have considered over and over if I wanted to just end this blog and my fan page and start over…then I thought about all of the women who approach me weekly,if not daily, to let me know how my content has changed their life or impacted them. I always struggled with the idea of building something and tearing it completely a part. I felt like I didn’t want this blog to be a reflection of who I am now because I don’t wanna be seen as the one who is always pointing out the problems and clapping back.


Then I got to the point where I said “fuck it.”

I discovered the option of downloading all of your Facebook data and decided to go through these posts and turn them into blog posts then into a book. It made the most sense to me and I feel less bad about losing or trashing all of my good content. Especially when I can be monetizing it and making a bigger impact by having it available on my site.

What you will see is the beginning of the Mammy No More journey all the way to the end…so you may have felt like”this isn’t relevant to what is going on today” or “hmmm this sounds familiar” and this is why. I had to tell myself that if others wanna stay stuck in this stage of pointing the finger and focusing on the exposing then it isn’t my fault.

I will be putting out my content on this blog and do with it what you will. I have also considered having regular contributors when I am able to focus on this project more carefully.

At this point I am moving forward with writing on other topics and doing some things in my life to better myself and I have to put this blog behind me. This isn’t the last of CreWisdom…and I am learning to not tell all of my plans until the right time so just stay tuned. Be sure to add your name to my email list! I started a new email list as I have switched providers so if you think your name is on here already it may not be.

Thank you to all of you who have shared my content and helped my blog and fan page grow!


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