Unpacking Misogynoir

Misogynoir and the “not all” discussion when Black men say “I don’t trust cops”

Black men are understood when they say “I don’t trust cops” and “I avoid cops all the time” no sensible Black person argues with them. It’s understood that they’ve had too many bad experiences with them.

Black women are NOT afforded the opportunity to say ” I don’t trust Black men” without “not all” “those few bad men don’t represent the whole” “maybe it’s the men you’re around”

In this video I am breaking it down so easy that a 3 year old can get it

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  1. linda moore

    The reason for this is because the black woman’s body is a precious resource for birthing the next generation, so they need us to reproduce. Since, black men need our bodies they have to brainwash us into accepting mistreatment, so they can keep abusing us.

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