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Get into “ESTROGEN LEVELS!!” by Black female rapper SYLK RHODES

This might be the next Black feminist anthem! When I first heard it I was like “oh shit!”.I felt the spirit of Queen LatifaSimone Arabiah, MC Lyte, and Missy Elliot come together. I am so excited about this and the IDGAFness because you know I am petty and live for it! It has an old school sound and the message was clear…she basically said: I am tired of the disrespect. I was just talking to my man last week about how the only BlackĀ female rappers that survive on the market nowadays are the ones who rap about a lot of sex and have to position themselves as a sex symbol. I have nothing against women expressing themselves sexually, but Estrogen Levels is what I like to hear. There is a message is unapologetic and we all can feel it. This is Hip Hop to me.


Check out Estrogen Levels by SYLK RHODES some of you may know her as Simone Arabia and she is on fire for Black women and liberation of Black people so listen to the track and download it! Share this on your FB, your twitter, and whatever and drop her a comment because she deserves props for her dope lyrics and energy. #Blackwomanmagic


Artist Bio:

NY born & bred, DC based emcee. Simone-Arabia influenced by the boom bap, golden era. She brings grit, aggressive and autobiographical lyrics. Sweet 16’s The EP is her first project.



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