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Black women if you have been applying for jobs over and over and not getting a reply it is a good chance that it is your resume!

I know that there are some sucky resumes out there, and writing really good resumes can be very challenging to others.I am a freelance resume writer at (when I feel like it now) and I often look over people’s resumes and see the biggest mistakes that is keeping them from advancing on the job. I’ve helped people get 6 figure jobs with my resume writing skills so it is only right that I share what works and what doesn’t!Featuredimageresumewritingtraining

I created this training to help others learn how to revamp their own resume when you don’t wanna pay a resume writer. I highly advise going with a resume writer because it is less headache for you, but some of you may just be making simple mistakes so you can change that yourself.

I am not the best teacher when it comes to explaining how to write a good resume because it is complicated to explain and I use my creative writing skills to make people look better than what they are so I tried! Most people who have watched it really learned something so please give me feedback and let me know if you found it helpful! One video presentation is on the mistakes and the other ones are resume critiques and how I would revamp them or remake it.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5




Hope you found these helpful!


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