Donate & Support Mammy No More

Hello! I want to thank those of you who support Mammy No More! Donations are just a way of saying thank you for serving us and also if you would like to see some published books and works to support Black women. I have a Pro-Black woman mixtape and books to be released so it will help with editing and production. But when I don’t raise enough funds to do something with I use it for my needs and wants. Your donation is just another way to say “I appreciate your work”

I ocassionally use my Paypal to collect funds for others. In March I collected  funds to go to Washington,DC with a group of organizers and activists regarding missing Black girls. As of today March 31, I have raised around $400 and I just sent it over to one of the main organizers to secure the bus to go.

If you follow me on FB you know I support Black women causes all of the time and I believe that the love I show others should be reciprocated.


You can click the image and it will take you to my Paypal or you can use the donate button

Thank you so much!





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