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Curvy bodies are not weapons..Rape culture and objectification of Black female bodies are…

We live in a society where a Black woman can go viral on social media for having a curvy body because she is a teaching professional…not because the students adore her. Not because she is teacher of the year,but because she just so happened to look sexy on social media and dare to wear clothes that fit her shape.

A Black Female teacher with curves wears clothes that fit her shape and posts pic to social media simply posing or just standing there and this is what is being said:

” She should have more respect for herself and dress in bigger clothing ”

“How are boys supposed to pay attention in class when she’s wearing a skirt?”

“No teacher should wear a dress that looks painted on”

“Her clothes are not inappropriate but she should not have taken pictures like that”

An Attractive Male teacher wears tight muscle shirts and posts pics on social media posing or simply standing there:


No one saying “how will the little girls focus”

No one saying “he should respect himself”

No one saying he should think twice about taking pictures or wearing tight muscle shirts.

Women are expected to walk on egg shells because men have proven over and over that the mere existence of an attractive woman with curves is a threat and distraction to men and boys.

Women are never seen for more than their bodies, and are the blame for out of control men choosing to objectify them.

There isn’t a single problem with a female teacher with curves wearing clothes that fit her.

There is a problem with how boys and men are raised to see women as sex objects.

Women can’t breastfeed, dance, wear clothes that fit over her curves, or exist without men making it about sex.

The moment a boy might crush on a female teacher who is attractive ,curvy, and wearing clothes that fits her curves they’ll say:
“It’s a shame shames he messing those boys heads up dressing like that! She don’t need to wear a skirt or legs showing!”

“How can boys learn in an environment like that!”
In the same breath, when a girl might have a crush on an attractive male teacher with a tight fitted shirt on:
“Fast ass girls! He can’t help he’s attractive! It’s not his problem that girls like him!”

“They need to be focusing on learning and not how the teacher looks!”

Because boys are raised in rape culture that makes women guilty by default for being attractive and accused of inviting attention. Meanwhile girls are the blame if a grown man pursues them and shows any interest in boys.

In the event that a boy acts on his crush and  sexually harasses the female teacher the blame will be her:

“if she hadn’t worn that skirt then maybe the boys wouldn’t touch her!”

In the event that a male teacher is sexually harassed by a girl student  youll hear:

“Fast ass girls!

If he had sex with her they would be crying rape!”

Because boys and grown men can’t help themselves and girls and women invite sexual harassment and rape by their curves and dress.
Rape culture and objectification of Black female bodies is a big part of the root of the #TeacherBae.

This would not be a story if the young woman was pencil thin because she’d be invisible. She’d be invisible because nothing about her body would stand out.

Curvy Black women have to constantly stand in the mirror and fight themselves on what to wear to avoid being fired from their jobs or being harassed daily by men who fetishize them. They don’t know if a man who pursues them is after their beauty or their booty…

Curvy Black women are being told that their bodies are weapons when they haven’t threatened anyone,but women who envy their curves and men who need an excuse to prey on them.

The real weapon here is rape culture that suggests that women’s bodies are the problem and not the men who objectify them. That women must

The real weapon here is the “Jezebel”image that white supremacy programmed our minds with via the media to spread the notion that Black women are seductresses that possess men and sexually entice them. This image was created to justify rape against Black women and even Black girls aren’t spared. They are called “fast” for expressing interest in boys and because grown ass men won’t stop pursuing them.

The real weapon here is that white supremacy made Sarah Baartman a spectacle to everyone. Normally Sarah Baartman is brought up when Black women love and show off their bodies to police them into hiding it, but body positivity and embracing curves is no where near the degradation and objectification Saartjie aka Sarah Baartman experienced.
Black women are forced into hiding their bodies and when a free Black woman who embraces her curves she becomes enemy and ultimate threat.

Every Black woman with curves is Sarah Baartman.
Every Black woman who twerk and is called a Thot is Sarah Baartman.

Patricia Brown, “Teacher bae”  is Sarah Baartman because she didn’t ask for this. She simply posted pics on social media and wore clothing that fit her body all to be put on a pedestal and spectacle for being a “hot teacher” #TeacherBae to have it snatched from under her and have her job compromised because society has failed Black women.

Black people fell for the okey doke and have failed Black women with respectability politics, policing, slut-shaming , and allowing Black men to come up with new words every year to degrade women who are sexually liberated and free in their body expressions via dance and fashion.

Curvy Black women are fetishized while simultaneously being used as a weapon to shame women who don’t measure up in hip size.

The message is loud and clear and just know that anytime you police a curvy Black woman and tell her she’s dressed inappropriate for wearing clothes that shows her shape this is what we hear:

“Black women it’s your fault if men won’t stop harassing you,stalking you, and attempt to rape you. ”

“Curvy Black women we only see you for your body. You don’t deserve respect until you make your natural born curves disappear”

“Men can’t be trusted because they are fully incapable of treating you like a human being instead of like the last piece of meat in the house when they haven’t ate all day”.

“You will always receive negative attention because of your existence”

Remember this the next time you think a woman with curves should just “cover up” and hide herself…

Black women are made magically and beautifully and we are not here for your objectification of our bodies.

We are more than our bodies and it’s time you start acting like it and protecting Black women or leave us alone.
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  1. Luna

    I can admit that I feel the way the teacher was dressed was inappropriate. I agree that the idea that she is “distracting little boys” is ridiculous.I just feel that skin tight bodycon dresses are are unprofessional for certain work environments. I never personally had any teachers including males wearing skin tight clothing unless it was a gym teacher. In my opinion there is a time and a place for everything, but professional dress codes should be followed in the work place.

    1. CreWisdom

      I didn’t feel like the bodycon dress was problematic mainly because on a skinny woman with no curves it would have been acceptable and wouldn’t seem tight. The dress pretty much fit her curves the same way it would have fit on a woman with no curves.I feel like if no boobs are all hanging out and no booty hanging out at the bottom it is acceptable. I just want people to admit that it is her CURVES that makes the dress not appropriate because as I stated before. If a skinny white woman with a flat butt and chest wore it no one would say a thing. That is a part of the problem and that is why it exists in the professional dress code.

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