Unpacking Misogynoir

Being Anti-Black woman is NOT new. Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver admits to hating and raping Black women

I always discuss misogynoir and how black males have never been accountable for their actions against black women, and pretty much how Black males in the public eye are still praised after raping and beating women.I was at Barnes and Noble and saw the “Soul on Ice” book written by Eldridge Cleaver, former Black Panther.

I remember when people started to circulate a picture of Eldridge Cleaver and his wife at that time, because his wife was light skinned, as an attempt 10985220_10155353217455548_3156282846351584191_nto defend Kendrick Lamar against the dark skinned chick who accused him of hating dark women. The argument was you can have a light skinned woman and be pro black. No one said you can’t date light skinned women because they are light skinned. The blogger was basically pointing out that it is possible that he is like MOST Black male celebrities that hate dark skin women and go out of their way to date non-Black women. Most Black male celebrities have no shame in saying they prefer other races of women over their own and they “prefer” light skinned.  See who made the list Bougie Black Girl came up with  here .

Well it turns out that all the “rumors” and speculation was true : in Cleaver’s  book he expresses his hate for Black women. Many Black women and people in general are unaware of what was written in this book, and those who did know didn’t seem to care.

Eldridge Cleaver was a troubled man conflicted as to why he hated Black women then starts to hate white women.Instead of addressing the issue, he used it as an excuse to harm Black women. He admits to practicing rape on the Black women in the ghetto (why not the suburbs??? Respectability politics and believing that poor women are beneath him and unworthy of respect) and then goes on to rape white women.

Conclusion: Eldridge Cleaver dated light skin women because they were indeed closer to white in his eyes AND he wasn’t for all Black people. He was just for straight Black men just as 90% of Black civil rights leaders. Kathleen Cleaver actually later spoke out about how the Black panther party fetishized light skinned women and hated dark skin women when she left the party.

He also believed the bullshit that Dwight man divided us by giving Black women jobs and government assistance

Black women: Black men as a collective have always hated us and always will. Hard truth to swallow and once we realize this, be selective with the Black men we stand for,pour more energy into SELF, STOP reproducing with them our lives will be better. Stop being mammies. Stop denying with “not all men” the shit is dead and beyond repair because they clearly do not care.

When they say they love you they mean your bodies and what you can do for them, not you.

So stop praising this rapist (its okay I know you hard core misogynists that act like “good men” won’t.)and stop glorifying him as a good leader

And NO I do not have to say “not all Black men” miss me with the silencing tactics

This post should be an eye opener to Black women that they need to stop saying that men back in the day were so much better. Truth is they hid their shit better. Truth is Black men in 2015 come from the same system as the men back in the day.

Truth is Black men still have these sentiments today! So it is time to disconnect from the Black male collective and work to restore and heal the self, because we have always been on our own and likely always will.



Check out these photos for proof: If they appear blurry just click on the photo

Here he discusses how he didn't find natural hair attractive and looking down at "nappy" hair would make him lose his hard on
Here he discusses how he didn’t find natural hair attractive and looking down at “nappy” hair would make him lose his hard on
auntjemima's and white flesh
Eldridge Cleaver admits here that dominating white women is what Black men strive for because that is one way they define their masculinity and Black women are not valued


He says that he would jump over ten nigger bitches for one white woman. Kinda like they did with Rachel Dolezal, Iggy, and any non Black woman right?


Page about what other men preferred
He discusses how Black women were  undesired and no group of men wanted Black women.

















And The FINAL STRAW for me goes toooooooooooooooo:






Admits to raping Black women in the ghetto to practice raping white women. Raping a white woman was a revolutionary act for him he says...
Admits to raping Black women in the ghetto to practice raping white women. Raping a white woman was a revolutionary act for him he says…


There you have it : Black men who were so-called Pro Black hated us then and hates us now. An admitted rapist and white woman carouser gives us his raw truth.

And here are the reviews where this rapist was celebrated:


“A collection of essays straight out of Dante’s Inferno. The hell is there, and its name is America…as with Malcolm X, Cleaver’s book is a spiritual autobiography. An odyssey of a soul in search of itself, groping toward a personal humanism which will give meaning to life…the book is important…the book is extraordinary.”—Shane Stevens, The Progressive

“A remarkable book…beautifully written…Eldridge Cleaver makes you twist and flinch…he throws light on the dark areas that we wish he would leave alone.”—The Nation

“Brilliant and revealing.”—New York Times Book Review

“All the essays [in Soul on Ice] deal with racial hurt, racial struggle, and racial pride…Eldridge Cleaver is a promising and powerful writer, an intelligent and turbulent and passionate and eloquent man.”—Robert Coles, Atlantic Monthly



So come again when you tell me that Black women aren’t the most hated? You mean you can bypass all the rape and hate and say it is brilliant? Revealing? And he is the hurt one?


Before you scream “not all”


Do show me where the masses of Black men are defending Black women against rape, abuse, murder, and public display of hate that can be witnessed everywhere online.

I’ve seen more Black men defend Rachel Dolezal and Kim Kardashian over Black women being killed, raped, and assaulted by Black men, and there is NOTHING but silence from Black men when Black women are killed by cops.

Black men get cities shut down from rioting and protesting when a Black man is shot and killed.

Black women can barely get 50 people to show up at a rally and get a hashtag and that is it.


Just admit the truth people: Black men hate Black women because they hate themselves and they spend all day online trying to prove that we need to love ourselves more(of course we do), but won’t address the fact that they don’t love and value themselves either. It is easy to pick a part things like Black women wearing weaves, wearing their hair relaxed and getting plastic surgery and say “master trained you well” but it is not easy for them to look in the mirror and realize that the hate they have for us is rooted in their hate for Blackness and Femininity. Sure misogyny is everywhere, but Black American men have yet to discover what it means to be a man without white supremacist standards rooted in domination and violence.

MOST of the violence and hate within the Black culture comes from Black men. There are not masses of Black women shooting Black men, queer, transpeople, and kids. There not masses of Black women raping Black men.Why? Because they are dealing with oppression of being Black, but also want to maintain their false sense of superiority by trying to live up to white supremacist patriarchal standards.

Black men have to redefine Black Masculinity and stop defining their manhood by white cis, heternormative patriarchy and get rid of the idea of Black patriarchy because it serves NO one. Never has served anyone and never will! I am tired of the stories of “Back in Africa we treated our women with respect” because there are SEVERAL parts of Africa that have embedded misogyny due to most of the world being patriarchal in nature. We have to stop acting like there is something to go back to and stop these Youtubeversity scholars who spit out half truths to serve this notion that we were all good until the white man came. Don’t get me wrong, Black people as a race have been oppressed in white supremacist world, but at what point do we begin to discuss solutions and speak the truth? What point do we hold Black men accountable and stop using “the white man” as an excuse for Black men to stay the same? At what point will we address the destruction of patriarchy and the fact that Black women, kids,queer, and transgender people would not live if we left Black men to be in charge?

Okay sorry I am going off the limb here…but you get my drift.





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  1. Don Rice Jr.

    Fascinating article! As a “white” man who loves and has married black women, I have never understood the black man’s attitude toward black women. Having now read this article, and the accompanying excerpts from Cleaver’s book, I am now wondering if the current attitude toward black women by black men had it’s beginnings with Cleaver and “Soul On Ice”, or if it was already simmering beneath the surface and simply found an outlet through those pages.

    1. CreWisdom

      Black men’s hate for us stems from white supremacist anti-Black patriarchy.It was already simmering beneath the surface. So many Black women activists and feminists from before the 1800s were speaking on the same things we are speaking on now. History just continues to repeat itself.

    2. KoiPoi21

      Black men have been mistreating and selling out black women in Africa, long before slavery.

      Black men claim that black women are their problem, but the truth is, they hate non-black women too. It’s just must easier to bash black women because society hates us.

      While black men are so busy bragging about how non-black women are so much better, 92% of biracial babies sired by black men in the U.S. are born out of wedlock. 82% of the non-black women who have babies with black men end up on welfare. 88% of the time. the black father’s done support their biracial children financially. 90% OF NON-BLACK WOMEN WHO HAVE CHILDREN BY BLACK MEN END UP BEING SINGLE MOTHERS. 90%!!! So if black men want to talk about how horrible black women are, they need to tell the whole story–and the truth is that they are equally horrible to the non-black women they put on a pedestal. The truth is, they just hate women period.

      Listen to Breukelen Bleu’s videos on YouTube. She sums things up perfectly.

    3. NG21

      Don Rice Jr., I believe you’ve missed the point entirely. The point of this entire piece is to illustrate that the White culture (that which you were born into), has practiced such overwhelming and pervasive oppression on Black people, the likes of which will be forever recorded for historical posterity, that the Black man has completely turned on himself and his entire race. This was by design. Most importantly of all, a special kind of hate is reserved for the vessel through which he and his race came into being–the Black woman. The mindset in his head repeats like a broken record, ‘if it were not for her giving birth to those who look like me, I would be better off.’ And as the article spells out very clearly–it is the deep sickness that has manifested in most Black men who fight White Supremacy–he can’t compete and doesn’t feel like a man because the White man has completely eviscerated any vestiges of his identity as a man. Therefore, he feels the only way he can feel like a man is to lay up with the one symbol of manhood he feels will somehow put him in the same arena as a White man…his White woman. What the Black man is dealing with is his deep-seated self-hate because of this all-encompassing affliction White Supremacy has wrought. Make no mistake, this is the true definition of mass mental illness.

  2. pammie sue

    I have always knew that black men problems are very deep….look around so many single black women…went to Orlando,Florida for a few weeks and not one black couple I seen holding hands…I seen gays people,old people,Chinese people,different types but not one black couple…very deep to me

    1. CreWisdom

      Very interesting…I live in SC and even when I have traveled around in the South and I see lots of Black men with white women, but hardly no Black women with white men.

      1. Howard Farmer

        I’m beginning to see more white men with black women have you seen any of these commercials lately on TV I live in Atlanta and I see a lot of white men with black women.

        1. CreWisdom

          You wanna know why there are more Black women with white men? Because BLACK WOMEN COLLECTIVELY have been trying to stick to just Black men and now are finally realizing we don’t have to be loyal to MEN that hate us. I see many dark skin women with white men because BLACK MEN don’t want them. Fuck outta here with that bullshit.

  3. Ginny

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Keep up the good and keep bringing the great articles. It’s black women like you who keeps us informed and this is one informative article. I had no idea this was the way a black panther, of all people, felt about black women. I never never, ever agreed with any of their beliefs. There was just something evil about all of them. Thanks for bringing this awful book to our attention. It’s very obvious Eldridge was the black woman’s enemy, except for the light skinned ones, I guess.

    1. CreWisdom

      Thank you for your comment! I have been falling behind on writing posts because I have been so triggered by the things I write about but hopefully I can get back to writing soon.

      It has been crazy to find out that most of the people that Black people respect are anti-Black woman.

      1. Rue

        This post was good to me I read a lot about the black power movement as well as the black arts movement and before reading this the most powerful story about this attitude toward the black woman was by Sonia Sanchez who is a African American as well as women’s activist and she stated her reasoning for leaving the black panther party was because of how they treated their women I feel like those old black men who are being glorified didn’t shine too much light on their negative and this was in plain sight and still ignored that says a lot about America

        1. CreWisdom

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! You’re absolutely right it says a lot about America.The women get put last and the Black women are at the very bottom. Men get away with so much smh.

    2. Jenn

      Ginny, Many of the principles and beliefs of the Black Panthers were solid and they did a ton of good things for our community. Our issues are wrapped up in internalized oppression. For hundreds of years we have been told that black is ugly. It is ingrained in our psyche daily in America. Not every black man hates black women. Not every black man feels the way this man does. He has clearly been fooled by white supremacy to believe that “white” is right. As a pro-black woman I am surrounded by wonderful black men who love black women and wouldn’t even date me because I am too light. I respect them for it.

      1. CreWisdom

        I am sorry, but you missed the point. You also contradicted yourself. First of all, I am tired of the “not all men” everyone knows ALL MEN are not like this, but you would be a FOOL to not realize the conditioning that Black men have had to put white and lighter skinned women on pedestals.

        Newsflash: Those “pro-black” men hate you. Any man that tells you that you are” too light” to date is telling you that they hate you and you aren’t good enough to be the “I am so pro-Black” prop. Read this. THis response is for you. https://www.facebook.com/MammyNoMore/photos/a.329927980464534.1073741828.329414397182559/342755315848467/?type=3&theater

      2. Howard Farmer

        You have to be careful because there’s a lot of evil KKK mentality that is trying to rip black people poor just to keep us to hate each other they claim they don’t see no love with no Unity Among Us which is not true but a lot of these articles even some of the Black Panther stuff Adrian by FBI CIA cooker clam mentality just try to tell support as a race

        1. CreWisdom

          NO NIGGA let me make something very clear for you: I am a fucking Black woman. I don’t NEED the internet to tell me how there is no unity when me and thousands of other Black women SEE that there is no unity and no one gives a fuck about Black women. I don’t need to be careful I am speaking the truth. You need to get the fuck off my blog with the deflecting.

          Wake me up when I see Black women receive the same unconditional support that Black men get when they die at the hands of the police. Wake me up when they stop playing R. Kelly songs on the radio. Wake me up when I see Black men spending the same energy they put into seeing “not all men”, policing Black women’s hair, clothes,music choice, dancing, dating choices that I see them putting into defending violent, hypermasculine, problematic Black men that degrade, abuse, rape and kill Black women.

          Now be gone.

  4. Dannielle

    As a Hispanic woman I probably have no business being on this post, but I stumbled upon this when I was looking up this guy being a rapist. Reading your perspective was very enlightening and has shed a light on somethings I have always wondered about pertaining to why so many black men I have known will blatantly state that they refuse to be with black women. These same individuals will throw up #blacklivesmatter but will continuously bad mouth black women and reduce them to “just my baby momma”.

    1. CreWisdom

      I am so glad that even you notice this. They want people to believe that there is something wrong with us, when they really just have issues with themselves. This is why I laugh when some white women take pride in being with a Black man that hates Black women. You can’t love another woman if you hate the women you came from. Those women are getting scraps. It is really sad smh

  5. Annie

    So I was brought here while trying to read up on Eldridge Cleaver-actually, I was listening to an interview of Hugh Pearson after reading his book “The Shadow of a Panther” (which, incidentally, I did not realize Hugh Pearson committed suicide in what some people speculate in response to wide-spread criticism and rejection from the black community for his book and his stance on honest portrayals of certain party members). During the interview circa 1994, Pearson mentions that Cleaver was a rapist and had created a type of doctrine to justify rape (he goes to express the same sentiments you did ie how can media embrace a man that clearly abuses women). Which is what has led me down this road and to your website, and maybe because I woke up this morning and the first thing I read was a terrible story about a white judge raping a black girl who was a witness for his case, or my general frustration with how our society looks pasts rapists and men who hate women if they do something ‘great’, that I feel compelled to comment on your well-constructed, thought provoking post. Going back to the judge- it happened in the 1980s when he was a district attorney and his victim was 16 at the time. She was the witness to her two friends being shot and killed by white supremacist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin in Utah. The then-attorney basically manipulated her and raped her for the two weeks that she had to testify for his case. You can read the story here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article66776887.html

    So while I will never know, or pretend to know, what it’s like to be a black woman rejected by one group of men and treated as a fetish to others (a generalization, I understand that), I feel compelled to just thank you for the read and admire your ability to find a voice and to speak it. Will put this on my weekly read list.

    1. CreWisdom

      Thank you for your comment! I am so glad that you even took the time to try to research this. Most people just do not care and won’t bother.

      Understand that the hate against Black women is due to us being women and due to us being Black so we experience racism and sexism simultaneously.

      Besides Black children, no group of of people is hated as much as Black women.

      I have slacked off on updating new blog posts because these topics became too draining for me,but I hope you will open your eyes and pay attention to others who speak the same concerns. Thanks for your comments.

      1. Rue

        I’m sure you have read the Dutchmen by Amiri Baraka and it’s the typical story of the black male rapist making his way to the white woman’s bed only with a different twist. That black mans foolery got him killed by a white woman who has been waiting for a day like this. She even went as far as to tell him why she feels black men do what they do. Baraka was sexist much like many of the black male activist but this play spoke to me. It’s a real eye opener, you never know when your ignorance will catch up to you especially if you isolate the important to become isolated with the unimportant. I wish more people were like you and took the time to analyze writing like this to see it for what it really is the hidden truth was something that has been searched for in all appears of art for many years. Your post has found one of those many hidden truths

    2. MelPom

      Wow. Thank you. I’m marking that book now.

      All of this is so overwhelming to me to absorb, I need to collect my thoughts. Just know that I love you, black women. I may just be a random Jewish chick, but I LOVE YOU and I am so, so, so sorry.

    3. Pamela Jane

      I am reading “The Shadow of the Panther” for the second time and I was also shocked to learn that Hugh Pearson, who had so much integrity as a journalist, committed suicide. I don’t know the details but he had the guts to tell the truth the things you are talking about on this site including rampant sexism among many of the 60s radicals. Keep up the good work you are doing!

  6. Tiara Hardy

    The passages I just read from his book… Oh my goodness…he sounds sick! What the hell. I’m so hurt and angry, black men and women need to stick together…but all we have is this big divide between us.

    1. CreWisdom

      Yes. I hate how divided it is. I am afraid it will always be this way until Black people can acknowledge the plight of Black women and Black queer people. Black men have yet to be held accountable and people are so tired of them always being centered while continuing to oppress Black women and other Black people. If we want unity misogynoir has to be addressed.

      1. MelPom

        I think (and I don’t get a vote, but I do listen to my black girlfriends daily on this topic, though admittedly what I just read in these pages paints a far more vivid picture than most daily polite conversation allows, a traumatic picture at that) that the answer lies in women standing together. Because I can tell you this… I know many PoC think white men put white women on a pedestal, and in public, to a certain extent, that may be true. But white men are still battering white women’s faces bloody, throwing us into walls, raping us even within marriage, and I mean violently and brutally, killing us. The only time the white man really fights for white women is when he’s using her as an excuse to harm, maim, lynch, kill a black man. Really, they hate women too. The GOP is a perfect example. Women are more than 50% of the populace. Imagine what we could accomplish united in our Matriarchy. Probably a wistful pipedream, but what’s life without dreaming big.

        1. CreWisdom

          Here is what I want you white people to understand…I am specifically speaking on Black issues. I do not care what white men are doing to white women. I know that MEN period abuse WOMEN. Right now we are discussing BLACK MEN and the disproportionate violence towards Black women. I truly do believe in matriarchy if you get the right women leading. Black women are great leaders and have accomplished a lot without the help of Black men and I believe it would be better.

  7. Alexzandria

    To say that it hurt as a black woman to read this is an understatement, but, I am at a loss for words. I am tremendously inspired by this article and the passion behind it. You are helping me develop my own research into topics just like this! Thank you so much.

  8. Laurie

    I found this by reading about the death of Muhammad Ali, then Malcom X, Dr Martin Luther King, Megar Evers, Angela Davis, Eldrige Clever. Very interesting read. I am Mexican/Italian, light shinned and since seven grew up in an all wht neighborhood next to Pasadena, Calif. At 35, I had a baby (marriage has never entered my mind. I never wanted a man telling me what to do, my dad bullied my mom). I got a job that I could support us and live the way I was used to, Los Angeles County Sheriff. At the same time my dad bought me a house. Since the area we lived was turning into a Chinatown and I wanted my son to know all races I moved to a city in San Bernardino County. The foothills of Rancho Cucamonga called Alta Loma. I had previously worked in L.A. and met black women I was close with for the six years I worked there. Now at the sheriff dept many of my closet friends were black. I wanted my son to have a chance to know black friends and all kinds of people. That city was it. It was upper middle class but it was a melting pot. My son was 8 when we moved there. I immediately put him in pop warner, basketball and little league so he was busy all year round. At school and sports is where he met all his brothers that to this day call me ‘mom’. Some of the kids have lived with me off and on, not just blacks, many of them. My son is 30 now and most of my boys & my son have children. I am grandma many times. Mission accomplished. As for the sheriff dept, during the Rodney King Riots, many of my black female partners came to me in tears about comments made to them by other deputies that were race related about the riot. Very derogatory statements about the people that lived in the area. My friends had relatives that lived there. And these were men we had been working with for awhile that said these things. I comforted my friends and advised them to file a complaint to the superiors. They did. Some of the guys got suspended and others were fired. But I will be honest and tell you what I hear the most that people complain about black women. They say they have big mouths. I know who they are talking about. It’s the criminal type, but they are grouping all black women together. I will always correct them and it becomes an argument. But even black men say it and educated black women. I still argue. But I know the criminals can wear on my last nerve. Their mouths get them in more trouble but they don’t stop. Back to how I found you, in high school and college many of my reports were on Black Panthers and black activists. As I was reading about Clever I found you. Very interesting to hear a different view point. When my son was in pop warner I noticed all the blacks sitting together apart from the whites, when they had been many times to my house for swim parties for all the kids. I asked one of the dads why. He told me because of prejudice and explained a few things to me. I told him I hadn’t noticed. I was always the team mom and busy. I therefore sat with my black friends. They laugh and we watch our boys beat the other team together. Until then I did not know prejudice. And of course a few years later at the sheriff dept. I have a strong demeanor and I always stand up to bullying of any kind. My son has become the same, which I am proud of. I am very sorry for the plight of the black women, but you all seen so strong to me. Maybe it’s because of what you have lived thru. Your essay was enlightening. Very brave of you to put those feelings down in words. I believe all women should stick together. I wish you well and continue writing.

    1. CreWisdom

      Thanks for sharing! I am glad to see someone understanding where I am coming from instead of attacking me for my perspective. We are strong because we have to be, but that view of us being strong also gets us in trouble because people don’t think we ever need help or deserve anything good.

      1. Artesha

        Yes Crewisdom. It’s to the point where your tired of being strong and even looked upon as being strong. Sometimes we need our men to lean on and they just aren’t there. Dad, brother, uncle, cousin husband, friend. Where are they? I wrote a poem years ago in my teens called Traveling Brother and in my late 30’s its worse. Everywhere we turn there is opposition. Im at a point in my life where im just like f*** it. Im just going to do me, raise these kids start my business continue in sisterhood and keep it moving. I have two sons and I pray they continue the legacy im creating and living of self love and love of your own culture first.

        1. CreWisdom

          That’s right! You have to reach that “fuck it” moment and focus on YOU. It will drive you insane trying to beg for respect and hope others change.

  9. Scott M Jones

    You have every right to believe that some black men have it out for black women. Ive seen it wit my own 2 eyes. Some black people are influenced by all the wrongoing things in this world as a whole and the frightening thing about it is that they see no fault in their logic. As a Black man myself, I’ve always stuck to black women, I’ve always respecter them and recognize them as Goddesses on earth because their DNA that have the traits of all races scientifically proving we were the first civilization. I always despised men who perpetuate hate for black women from everything they hear on television as well, almost like a carbon copy of what they see. I don’t believe all men are like this but I am not like this, and if I’m one who defies this logic then I know I’m not alone. Black men and women have no business going against each other in any way however it does happen and it needs to be addressed. I never knew of this bit of information, but I refuse to think it’s set in stone for all of us. No civilization are without its flaws however blaming all for a few is never how things are solved. If a solution is up for conversation…. I’ll be all ears.

    1. CreWisdom

      Let me make this clear: This blog isn’t for Black men. I do not give a fuck about your opinions. If you truly love Black women stop making denial and deflecting statements such as “not all Black men” “some Black men” NO NO NO. I use “BLACK MEN” because I am speaking on a collective of men. I don’t give a fuck that “not all” Black men are this way.

      Black women are killed, raped,harassed, and assaulted more than any other group of women and it is Black men doing it the majority of the time. Get out of your denial and LISTEN. There are TONS of other Black women who think like I do and it isn’t just in the relationship realm, it is about a collective hate and neglect of Black women. I have plenty of solutions, but NIGGAS don’t wanna listen so I won’t waste my breath with you. Here are a few solutions though: Stop saying “not all Black men” and “if you think” no nigga I KNOW for a FACT that there are a PLETHORA of Black men that hate Black women based on ACTIONS and the amount of Black women oppressed so PLEASE don’t come here again with your BULLSHIT because I am NOT sugarcoating for you men. I only speak nicely to men who OWN THE SHIT and LISTEN when Black women are speaking. You are dismissed now. Thanks.

  10. Devy dev

    Hey cre, I came across this article while writing a pitch.. While I knew the Panthers party definitely had some discrepancies, this definitely confirms all my thought process on cleaver and the party. We know it was mostly the sisters doing all the work(as always). and I must say THANK YOU! Don’t ever stop telling the truth. I hate that excuse of black men and masculine folx of color being programed for white cis male patriarchy. Like foreal.. If one acknowledges that there’s a problem. We Need to find a sustainable solution, social accountability and I swear, I been sitting thinking of any possible ways of reconciliation in the black community, I’ll be as honest with you as I would be with anyone else In this case. As a masculine passing trans black person. I’m still searching. And while I stay searching, I clock these dudes hard every. Single. Damn. time.

    1. CreWisdom

      Thank you! Telling these truths are very draining for me. The solutions aren’t cut and dry. Honestly, some Black people have to be left behind so others can have justice and freedom. We can’t fix a community problem that is constantly being shot down and people are always making excuses for cis hetero Black men.

  11. Zippi

    Thank you for sharing and shedding light here.

    Let me tell you, both of my parents are Black. Both of my grandmothers were Mulatto (Native American and White) and married to Dark skinned Black men. My paternal grandmother who readily identified herself as White, told her SONs not to marry Black women. My two paternal uncles never did. However, my father did. It furiated my paternal grandmother to the point my dad, eventually crept out on my mother, divorced her for a White woman. He gave in.

    My dad told me, maybe 20 years ago that he had to have that forbidden fruit, the White woman. Those were his words. Long story short, my mom and dad together had 6 children. My mom never remarried and/or had any more children. My dad of course, remarried this White woman and they have no children together. Which is weird, because dad claimed he wanted 12 children.

    I often wonder about his choice of walking away from his blackness. I say that because he has disassociated himself from his family after the death of his parents. And if you were to Google him, you would find he identifies as Caucasian.

    Now as a Black woman, I for the life of me, really don’t understand the false reality. I can never escape my flesh, I will always be a Black female (though my Birth Certificate reads Negro). What makes the person born just like me think otherwise for him/herself? Does the self hate flow that deep?

    The cry I hear from the Black man is always help me, but he sure isn’t eager to do the same for the Black woman, though like a sociopath, smiles in everyone’s face until he goes behind closed doors.

    Sorry for ranting. Though, a good read will often stir the emotions.

    Again, thank you.

    1. CreWisdom

      No problem with the rant! This is what I want you all to do! Think and release! I absolutely agree that many Black men seem to be sociopaths. Many of them know they are wrong and they don’t want better. They want us to help them with everything but refuse to reciprocate. This is exactly why we must ignore their pleas for help and focus on ourselves. When it is all said and done we are all we have and we can’t afford to give our energy to them to abuse.

  12. JJohnson

    I as a black man will say, I really didn’t know these things. I also have defended men in past and I honestly have had to come to the realization that dudes just outright lie to each other and say and do other things entirely toward women. I see mysogeny and misandry (the gender eqivalent for males, which if you didn’t even now the word you might be one) everyday in little and large ways. Sexism destroys lives on both sides of the gender line, I admit fully of my guilt in such matters. No one means to hurt and we all need to be checked sometimes, hopefully we listen. I just want to go on record as saying I am trying to start a movement of randomly just saying out loud that I love and appreciate black women. Everytime I say it it seems out of place and people say where’d that come from? It never gets said and it never seems ok to say it so I stopped waiting for an appropriate time, and stopped waiting to hear others say it. I hope it catches on. I love black women, sure there’s work to be done and its frustrating but as far as I know that’s just women in general and they feel the same about us. No one is problem free, so either put in the work to have a good relationship or move on but don’t keep bitching about the maze you can’t handle once you decided to quit. I am mixed myself and I am trying to correct my gene pool now with my black woman. I am sincere in saying I am legitimately sorry for what black women have to go through, both in a general sense and also for the things that I do and don’t even realize. Ase`.

    1. JJohnson

      PS – Good article. Well written and informative, I feel legit passion comes off as heavy-handed but totally excusable given the nature of the subject matter and its social implications.

      1. CreWisdom

        Thank you. IDGAF how it comes off to be honest. I expect people with fragile egos and those living in denial to be pissed off about my tone. If you could see all of the commonts I didn’t approve lol

    2. CreWisdom

      If you want change then you’ll need to completely own the bullshit. Misandry isn’t even a real oppressive structure so please miss me with that bullshit. It does not go both ways in an equivalent manner. I’ve yet to see a plethora of men killed, raped, harassed, and abused on the level of women. Please shove the word up your ass in these discussions. This wasn’t about women this is about BLACK MEN. Own that shit.

      Secondly, it isn’t enough to just say “I love Black women” No boo boo. We don’t give a damn about words. We give a damn about action. Go and teach other men to stop being oppressive. Go and start a brotherhood where you redefine toxic masculinity and promote a brotherhood or manhood that isn’t rooted in oppressing Black women. That is all I have to say about that. Peace.

  13. Laurie

    We need Matriarchy. Most of the violence in the world is done by men to other men women and children that is the one constant you see in the world of violence. A matriarchal system where women run governance economies society would be a much quieter loving world because we give birth to you all and we don’t want our children in conflict with each other. All matriarchal societies are small and egalitarian.

    1. CreWisdom

      THere is no simply put solution. The solution is don’t coddle him, get him help if he has mental health issues or behavioral disorders if he has it, only allow him around balanced Black men who have unpacked their misogynoir, don’t talk negatively about Black girls and women around him, teach him responsibility, don’t treat him like a boyfriend, show him and teach him to appreciate images of darker skinned women, and don’t abuse him and teach him “you can’t cry because you’re a boy” and teach emotional expression that is healthy instead of teaching him to hold it all in. I am writing a book on this topic. I suggest that you make sure to join my email list so that you can be notified when I am done with it.

  14. EZ Duzzit

    I’ just say this… I understand where you are coming from… And I agree in a lot of the sense… But to lose hope in a possibility of a realization amongst the people in this matter is not progressive. I believe that you are correct, but I believe someone with your insight can help this issue diminish as well… Teach this to men, and of course some will not listen… But those that do, will take it in… And they will be better… It all starts somewhere… Just a word… Take Care

    1. CreWisdom

      See that is your problem. You want me to teach the men, but what are you doing? Why is it my responsibility to educate them? There are many that do not care anyway so please be more responsible and stop expecting Black women to clean up Black men’s mess. You are dismissed now.

  15. whocanitbeifitaintme

    Wow that was very deep. I didn’t know that that was really how a black panther thought and it is really truly sad. We need our black men and they need us. I hate the men that goes to have the white womans seal of approval so he can think and feel he has now made it. So very sad. All goes back to when the slave master told the black men not to look at his woman making them think she was something too great for his eyes. So sad some black men still feel this way still today. So sad.. Great article very interesting. Thanks

  16. Michelle

    Thank you for the article and putting Cleaver on blast. I read Shadow of the Panther back in college, so I knew he was a rapist. It turned me off from any “good things” he may have done. It also left me in my feelings about “pro black” BM. I was also raped at age 19 by my ex boyfriend. Everyone made it seem like it was my fault! I appreciate your intelligent and beautiful voice for Black women. We need more people to speak out for us.

    1. CreWisdom

      That is terrible! And sadly it is so common. Thanks for your comment I appreciate you reading and letting me know how it impacted you.

  17. Nichole

    WOW. Damn….I just don’t even know where to start. Understanding the relationship between white male patriarchy and the black male preference for white women as an act of competition (of sorts) to prove he is as masculine is a line I never clearly drew in my head. Genius.
    I’m just thinking of so many of my black female friends and what they’ve said over my life…..how much they’ve dealt with this- it’s so deeply heart-breaking….so wrong and evil.
    I’m sure writing like this is triggering, like you said somewhere before, but I’m grateful I randomly found this blog. The world needs more clear and critical thinkers. Stay up, hope you keep it going.

  18. TruePhilosopher

    So much misinformation in this blog. Luckily, I actually read thoroughly, so I can clear up some things: First of all, his views are definitely off the wall and often sound like he’s trolling for attention, but that was the introduction of the book. He also says that he was completely wrong and disavowed those ideas. He also came to terms with the fact that he was homosexual and one of the things he was dealing with while in jail was how he could be a part of the black power movement AND women’s liberation as a gay black man in prison. The other problem is that the blog centers Cleaver as some kind of central figure, but when you read literature from other members of the Black Panther Party such as Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, they say that they were suspicious and questioning Eldridge Cleaver’s role and how he saw his notion of masculinity within the black power movement. Cleaver didn’t join the party until 1966, and Newton and Seale both said that he seemed passionate but found that he was in search of his masculinity, so if the other men in the party were saying that they have a different view of what manhood is, then pretending that Cleaver represents the MAJORITY of black men is just plain ridiculous. Some other very important things she’s leaving out (probably because she doesn’t know)…. studies done, proving that black men have very little in common with white men concerning their masculinity.
    The origin of this “toxic masculinity” idea was the work of R.W. Connell’s “hegemonic masculinity” model which said that black men were excluded from hegemony due to being targeted by hegemonic (aka white) males. She also said that the masculinities of black and indigenous men offered models of resistance to hegemonic masculinity. Tommy J. Curry “The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and The Dilemmas of Black Manhood” provides perhaps THE most brilliant look at the unique victimization and development of black males in the context of white patriarchy from 1775 to present day and really goes in depth about how black male development is in contrast to that of white men and much more.
    Evelyn M. Simien (a black feminist and political scientist) argues using empirical data that black men are more progressive on inter-sectional issues in our own communities. Danielle McGuire “At The Dark End of The Street” which chronicles many instances of black men standing up for black women in the civil rights movement and as a central issue of the movement. Steve Estes “I Am A Man: Race, Manhood, and the Civil Rights Movement” explains that black men fighting for civil rights was not about a reproduction of white power dynamics but a resistance to it and that the fight was very much gender-inclusive. Support for Joan Little (look her up). Rosa Parks sent by the NAACP to investigate Recy Taylor and others. Kathleen Cleaver said that if you make the argument that black men are fundamentally sexist, you are at least insinuating a kind of passivity on the part of the women. She also quotes that Bobby Seale did a study that shows that over 2/3rd of the movement were women. The angle this blogger is coming from is the same myth of the black boogeyman that was created in 1865 at the end of slavery to justify lynching black people en masse… it’s also the same kind of symptom-based assessment that white supremacists have always used to justify calling black people inferior right on up to Richard Spencer and the Alt+Right instead of looking at how poverty, deprivation, mis-education, police killing, incarceration, unemployment, discrimination, etc affect black men and women. White feminism began because white women felt they were supposed to be co-oppressors with white men. They used the myth of the black male rapist to push their mission. This is why the KKK was formed at the height of the (white) women’s movement (refer to the 1915 version of Birth of a Nation where the KKK is depicted hunting down a black man because a white woman jumped from a cliff out of fear that he was going to rape her… no, I’m not making that up. That was America’s first major motion picture). Now Black women are looking for a place next to white men as well, and they are using the same tactic of accusing black men of being savage beasts. It’s these kinds of Black feminists who are emulating white patriarchy by targeting the black male for extermination, because that’s what white patriarchy has done since the end of slavery, and they have supported anything that has joined that jihad. What’s even worse is that she’s basing these views on online trolls who are either children or not worth your time, because what grown man is online all day? On top of that, white supremacist sites have revealed their plan to cause confusion among black people by trolling AND the Department of Homeland Security monitors social media (facebook, google, twitter) for “radical” activity and views any unity among black folks as a threat to national security… hence why cointel pro was created to take the Black Panthers and others down… in other words, online confusion among black people is orchestrated to a large degree, specifically concerning unity and community empowerment. Alotta the profiles they’re arguing with are probably run by white people who are sitting back laughing at them. Then she’s going on about the attention black men receive when they’re killed by police when roughly 300 black men are killed by police each year. about 9 to 20 black women are killed by police. All death is important of course. But is that attention helping black men’s killers get convicted? No. Out of 300, we hear about 5 or 6 every year. So that’s 294 going unnoticed, so who’s really being ignored as it pertains to police killing? Anyway, this ain’t the oppression olympics, and we are a community. This identity politic mess it out of hand, and it’s time for people who actually read to address it… not people who are cherry-picking quotes without context.

    1. CreWisdom

      I am not even reading this because you’re coming here trying to change the damn subject and claiming this is misinformation. How is it misinformation when I screenshot this right from the book? BYE. You’re dismissed.

  19. Queen Frostine

    Always preferred Huey over this rapist. Huey was FOR women’s lib, LGBT rights & generally inclusive of everyone who was down with the cause. Cleaver became a Republican in the ’80s. That says it all.

    Sexism is not unique to the Black community but it sure is comfortable there. Everybody today stands up for the oppressed people who look just like them but don’t give a rat’s @ss about oppression of others. Cleaver seems like he was concerned only with the oppression of men…Black men in America. That was not the case for all Panthers.

    This speech by Huey Newton in 1970 is one of my favorites:

    “Whatever your personal opinions and your insecurities about homosexuality and the various liberation movements among homosexuals and women, we should try to unite with them in a revolutionary fashion. I say: ‘Whatever your insecurities are’ because as we very well know, sometimes our first instinct is to want to hit a homosexual in the mouth, and want a woman to be quiet. We want to hit a homosexual in the mouth because we are afraid that we might be homosexual; and we want to hit the women or shut her up because we are afraid that she might castrate us, or take the nuts that we might not have to start with.

    “Remember, we have not established a revolutionary value system; we are only in the process of establishing it. I do not remember our ever constituting any value that said that a revolutionary must say offensive things towards homosexuals, or that a revolutionary should make sure that women do not speak out about their particular kind of oppression. And I know through reading, and through my life experience and observations that homosexuals are not given freedom and liberty by anyone in the society. They might be the most oppressed people in the society.”

    1. CreWisdom

      I am pretty aware that all Panthers wasn’t like this but a lot were. This is why Angela and Elaine spoke out about it.

  20. Rudy Mews

    I can’t believe you feel that way because of one man’s perspective. I assure you I’ve only dated mostly medium to dark skin black women. I’ve had the best black women around me all my life. All fine people, not one that was remotely embarrassing. All very dignified with pride in who they are. All loved black men. Never curious about white women. As a black man I need someone who understands what I go through everyday. I’ve dated Hispanic, East Indian and Asian, but not in great numbers. I can’t even understand how one couldn’t love black women. I just love how their skin feels against mine, the smooth soft skin. The beauty….I just can’t get enough. So please if some of these fellas don’t love you that a personal problem. I love you black women.

    1. CreWisdom

      Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. Apparently you’ve missed the point that this isn’t just ONE man’s perspective. THis is the perspective of A LOT of Black men. THis is deeper than dating. This is a collective mindset of MANY Black men. Yeah all you guys love is our beauty, not us. Please do me a favor and NEVER comment again over here since you’re not smart enough to read between the lines and look at the bigger picture.

  21. Greg

    I am not going to say that not all black men are like that because you have already decided they are all like that.
    However who raise these men? As you say they hate black men yet their mothers are black.
    My mom a black woman said that black men are the problem just as much as black women because the latter educate their sons to become men. Now if these men are lacking in substance certainly the educators may something to do with it, don’t you think?
    In soul on ice Cleaver also describes the self-hate of black women who are obsessed with blond-haired white men.
    Just the two cents of a guy who left Holland to go live in Africa.
    By the way I am not saying your analysis is wrong far from that but it misses an important detail or ingredient if you will.

    1. CreWisdom

      No where in this article did I say they are all like this.

      Don’t try to reach and put blame on Black mothers. Black mothers have been indoctrinated with the same foolishness but at the end of the day at what point will Black men be held accountable for their bullshit? WHy is it that Black women are raised by these same misguided mothers but STILL do their self work and go on to be the most educated and most entrepreneurial?? EXACTLY. Don’t fucking try that shit over here.

      Black women were NEVER obsessed with white men. Black women were raped by multiple white men. Black women date outside less than ANY OTHER GROUP. Black men date outside the race the more than ANY OTHER GROUP and mostly to white women. These are FACTS.

  22. Lucas Cage

    The Anti Black Male Feminist Fever is clearly still picking up steam. Insanely convoluted and bizarre interpretations of Black manhood and masculinity utterly devoid of historical context, social function and balance. The miseducated, emotionally damaged and culturally traumatized propaganda that has become so commonplace in social media must remind Black Men the importance of continuously evolving to navigate the very deadly landscape where Post Modernist Anti Black Male rhetoric becomes harder and more difficult to distinguish from 1920s Klan rallies. It is articles and websites like this that illustrate how dangerous the psychosis of the narcissistic sociopath has become. It is no wonder these women embrace the concept of effeminate men and castrated male principles. As Black men, we can longer ignore that the mindset who wrote this article is no different than that of the police that hunt and murder us, the educational system that would drug us as children into suicide and the court system that would destroy our natural connection to our own babies. Black Feminists are the new White Women…

    1. CreWisdom

      Bye. SO us not wanting to be raped, disrespected, or murdered and recognizing how much Black men love white men is “anti Black male rhetoric” so basically you are admitting that Black men as a whole are fucked up individuals?

      Get this dumb shit outta here. I have no patience for you hotep weak ass men. ANy further comments won’t be approved. I only approved this so people can see how DUMB and irresponsible some of you are..

  23. Esteban

    Black men have always enslaved black women in Africa. Boko Haram enslaved those girls and raped and sold them. Black men enslave black women in most african contries still TODAY. And they did since centuries before colonisation

  24. Mwga

    Deeply disturbing but an apparent truth.
    These men are terribly wounded and disintegrated

    Would definitely benefit from reiki healing or shamanic healing.

    As I said their souls are fractured and broken by trauma.

    A white girl will never make them happy as they are wounded and have become energy vultures and narrcist.

  25. William Simmons

    I am a white man married to a white woman raising our mixed son, hers biologically from a previous relationship. We are a very open, liberal, forward thinking family. I loved you article, it’s got my mind spinning. I have been with my son since he was 5 months old. He is mine. I worry every day he could act the way the article describes. He recently had his first girl friend. He said he broke up with her over her mouth. I asked him to explain, he said she was always critizing him. She was a young black girl. I thought she was great and good for him, I guess my question is do you think he is on the path u describe? My wife is very outspoken and strong willed which I think is awesome. I am just worried about him and want him to respect all woman including and especially black woman as he seems so far to gravitate toward them.

    1. CreWisdom

      He should be taught about the stereotypes and caricatures created to make Black women look “angry” and combative. It is quite possible that he has been exposed to hate for Black women and with him having a white mother he may not be aware that he is biased towards him. Or could be that particular woman he dated was disrespectful towards him. Some women do talk down to men but I find that men of color, men in general always take criticism as being mouthy.

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