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There is so much talent out there and the internet makes it possible for so many people to be heard and seen! The problem is some people don’t really know how to really leverage the internet. I am a social media strategist and manager, and I’ve grown my fan page to almost 4000 fans in less than a year without ads at a time when Facebook made changes to the way we experience our newsfeed. Facebook has made several changes to the algorithm where we see more posts from friends and family, and less posts from business and fan pages. The more people interact, the more people will show up in the newsfeed. Facebook has made it so people with 100,000 fans will not get their posts seen by 20 people. I’ve been able to continue growing my page and reaching on average 100,000 people without paying for ads.I would like to share my audience with you!


  • My audience is primarily Black women ages 25-34 that are Black women centered.
  • Mammy No More fan page has 4,000 plus fans and counting
  • On average per week is 80 to 100 new fans
  • On average my FB post reaches 80,000 to 100,000 people
  • I have single blog posts that have exceeded 10,000 visitors

If you have a feminist blog or if your product or service directly serves Black women then consider advertising wit us. Whether you are an author, blogger, coach, product maker,or music artist I am happy to serve you and help you! Most advertisers are just taking your money and hoping for the best and I am going out of my way to write your ad, create a graphic(if you want), and boost your post to give you the buzz you need to see some growth. With my expertise and engaging community I am sure that you can experience some type of growth and benefit from using my audience.

I often share people’s content for free and posts are shared without ad boosts, but what I want to offer people who pay for advertising is a chance to ensure their posts gets seen. So I have created these packages with the creative entrepreneur in mind. You won’t just get a page boost, but you will get a spot on my website which stays on the internet forever!

I offer:

  • Sponsored Blog posts
  • Sponsored Facebook posts
  • Book Reviews
  • Album/Mixtape/singles reviews
  • Modeling

My full media kit along with sidebar ads is coming soon.

If you are interested email me at cre@mammynomore.com

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