Hello! Welcome to Mammy No More!

I am a Mompreneur of 3 boys who is an unapologetic Black woman who is past tired of misogynoir, and seeing Black women glorify struggle, pain, and settle for less than they deserve!

My vision for Mammy No More is to create a community of Black women who are tired of glorifying struggle and being the mule of the Black community, to educate Black women on misogynoir, and discuss solutions to help Black women become healthy, happy, and wealthy. I am very passionate about liberation for Black women and I want to see us win on so many levels. I want this to be more than a blog, but a movement to see Black women lift each other up and encourage other sisters to stop settling, stop glorifying struggle, and stop being everyone’s doormat.

If you struggle with unpopular opinions and women being unapologetic and radical then this blog is not the place for you! I say what most people are afraid to say and I have reached this point in my life where I just have no fucks left to give. I will be me, and although I am often miunderstood I can live with that! Just know that everything I write here is in the name of love for Black women.


Thanks for stopping by! If you have a story or topic you would like me to cover ¬†or want to recognize a Black girl or Black woman for her talent, strength, courage, or what I call “Black Girl Magic” then shoot me an email at cre@mammynomore.com


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