7 podcasts/blogs for Black women entrepreneurs who want to win in business

Over the past few years I have been consuming lots of information to learn marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and more so looking at how to succeed with online businesses. Many Black women tend to have more freedom as entrepreneurs so it is important that we learn about resources out here  and learn from those who are successful.  If you want to win in business you gotta learn from the entrepreneurs who are winning, and try to think like them and act like them in some ways. It is especially important to engage with people who are successful because we become like those who we spend the most time around. You may see me messing around on my fan page, but don’t get it twisted. I have one of my personal profile’s set up JUST to engage in business minded groups so that I can learn from others, and I spent a lot of time working on my skills.


I want to share some podcasts and blogs that I find very helpful on my entrepreneurial journey. Some of them center Black women, and some of them are just mainstream for anyone wanting to learn.

  1. Happy Black Woman is one of my favorite podcasts/blog for personal development. Rosetta Thurman shares extremely valuable information in her podcasts surrounding mindset,goal-setting. and entrepreneurship.
  2.  Dr Venus Opal Reese  of  http://defyimpossible.com/      is the truth! Omg I actually heard her first on the Happy Black woman podcast and fell in love with her message. She keeps it real and you can feel the passion she has for Black women entrepreneurs.
  3. Melinda Emerson of  http://succeedasyourownboss.com/   who is known as the @Small Biz Lady on Twitter is dedicated to ending small business failure. She has a great blog and shares massive value in her email newsletters. I have known of her for some time and I also heard her on Happy Black woman a few weeks ago so it reminded me to go check out her stuff.
  4. For people looking into ways to make passive income I recommend the Smart Passive Income podcast by Pat Flynn. He has an awesome Facebook group and the podcast is filled with inspiration and strategies to build online businesses.
  5. One of my other favorites is Side Hustle Nation podcast by Nick Loper . This is awesome for people who are on 9-5s and need strategies and ideas on how to grow a business on the side. He also has a great Facebook group.
  6.  Amy Porterfield is another fave of mine! I absolutely love listening to her podcast learning new ways to market online. If you are more so interested in online marketing strategies she has all the value there and she also shares some personal development idea.
  7. Last, but not least, Social Media Examiner by Micheal Stelzner is really good podcast and blog to learn about how to use social media to grow your business. This is one of the top podcasts in the social media marketing industry and I learned a lot of my skills there (I am a social media coach/strategist)

This is just my personal favorite list of go to industry leaders, but there are lots of others. If you know of some other than what is listed please share in the comments!


Also I want to pass note that although Bougie Black Girl isn’t exactly a business blog, she does have some valuable mindset posts,wealth building tips,  and I took her blog course a few months ago that I found simple and helpful.

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