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7 common excuses Black women use to put off their health journey and tips to combat them

I am a health and fitness advocate, not a beauty or fashion aficionado. People can be beautiful and fashionable, but not necessarily healthy and fit. When I start talking about health and fitness, especially to Black women there are some standard responses that I get:

  1. I don’t wanna be skinny(I never say that “skinny” is the goal.)
  2. Skinny people can be just as unhealthy as big people. (I absolutely agree. That is why a particular size isn’t the goal.)
  3. All sizes are beautiful. (I agree, but beauty and healthy are not the same thing.)
  4. I don’t have time to workout. (None of us have the “perfect” schedule. But people prioritize what is important to them.)
  5. Nothing is wrong with me. (You mean nothing has shown the manifestation of a problem. Many diseases don’t show themselves right away.)
  6. My man likes me just the way I am. (Your man should want the healthiest version of “YOU”, so if he has an issue with you exercising and eating right, then there may be some other issues deep down…just sayin’.)
  7. My kids [insert a “kid related” excuse]. (Life with a family will never slow down. You have to learn to still incorporate healthier behaviors.)

If you get to the point where you push past your excuses and are ready to jumpstart a healthier and fitter life, I would say lace up your Nikes, throw on some tights, and get ta moving! But starting is a whole lot easier than keeping the momentum going. You should really take some time to evaluate your life, where you would fit your workouts in, what healthier versions of meals you want to try, and what events or obstacles may pop up. (Yes, you have to plan for obstacles, because if you don’t, the first challenge could throw you off your game.)

So here are a  few tips to help you get started on your health and fitness journey:

1. Are you a morning person or night owl? Do not try and change your nature. Workout when you have the most energy and how it makes sense for your life.

2. Pull out your calendar and put your workouts and meal prep sessions in. You seriously have to schedule these behaviors like you do anything else until it becomes second nature.

3. Quit putting everyone’s needs ahead of your own. If you are the healthiest version of you, you will be the most awesomest at every other position you hold.

4. If you seriously have no motivation, get a trainer. That’s what we get paid for. And if you pay attention to the workouts, after you get in a routine, you can strike out on your own.

5. Strategize week by week. All of our weeks can change. So recognize what events or holidays are coming up so that you can be prepared.

6. I know this is very cliche, but it is true. This is a lifestyle. If you don’t recognize that it will take some time before you see results, you may get frustrated. But if you know that it is a process, then you can celebrate your small victories as you work towards the long term goals. I hope this at least gets you in a healthier mindset. A spoonful of consistency is better than nothing!!



Coach LQ  is a mom, wife, personal trainer, and online coach. If you would like more info from her or would like to get into one of her online coaching programs please email her at firefitnesscoach@gmail.com or add her on Facebook . This sister is passionate about health and wellness and if you come ready she will help you get results. Also if you are in the Chicago area check out her husband’s business Lavish Life Massage at 8252 S Ashland Blvd .Website is coming soon at http://lavishlifemassage.com so be sure to bookmark and check back later.


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