Curvy bodies are not weapons..Rape culture and objectification of Black female bodies are…

We live in a society where a Black woman can go viral on social media for having a curvy body because she is a teaching professional…not because the students adore her. Not because she is teacher of the year,but because she just so happened to look sexy on social media and dare to wear clothes […]

10 things Black women can do to better their financial life and live nice

  Financial literacy is a phrase not well known of at all within the greater African American community. Balancing check books, how to use credit, and building wealth are topics many think are “for the white folks” or “for rich people”. The mentality that living “hand to foot” is normal has to change . Poverty […]

Wolves in sheep’s clothing ,pimping of sisterhood, and knowing the signs of narcissistic Black women

  Today I want to share some lessons learned…if you don’t want to hear a recap of things I have discussed on my fan page this week then you can scroll down to the numbered list because I realized that portion is a long read…I am not going to talk about it any longer, but […]

On Nia Green: Toxic Black Motherhood, Abuse, and Misogynoir

Recently a video of a Black girl being severely beating by her mother was being circulated across social media. Nia Green was being beaten because she had slept with a boy in her mother’s house. So during the beating she was being called a thot and being really disrespected. Now I understand a mother’s frustration, […]

Free Mini Resume Writing Course

  Hello there! Black women if you have been applying for jobs over and over and not getting a reply it is a good chance that it is your resume! I know that there are some sucky resumes out there, and writing really good resumes can be very challenging to others.I am a freelance resume […]

My Vision for Black women

Many people have not came across Black women who are “radical” and just brutally honest about the way things are for Black women.   In this video I just want to make things clear with what my vision is for Black women.   What is your vision?       If you like what you […]

Why you shouldn’t waste your time and energy debating and educating Black men on misogynoir

I’ve been at my social media “activism” for a few years now and I went from trying to educate everybody to recognizing when someone really has no desire to learn and act. You will drain yourself and waste all of your precious energy and time if you want to debate and educate Black men. The […]

Misogynoir and the “not all” discussion when Black men say “I don’t trust cops”

Black men are understood when they say “I don’t trust cops” and “I avoid cops all the time” no sensible Black person argues with them. It’s understood that they’ve had too many bad experiences with them. Black women are NOT afforded the opportunity to say ” I don’t trust Black men” without “not all” “those […]

7 podcasts/blogs for Black women entrepreneurs who want to win in business

Over the past few years I have been consuming lots of information to learn marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and more so looking at how to succeed with online businesses. Many Black women tend to have more freedom as entrepreneurs so it is important that we learn about resources out here ¬†and learn from those who are […]

Kendrick Lamar Grammy Performance 2016 : No Thinkpiece Necessary

  Let’s talk Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance 2016. I loved his energy and the overall performance. He always knows how to bring energy to the stage and I have to say my favorite part was the ending with the dancers in tribal African attire…I love me some dancing…but let us talk about the crickets…the lack […]